About us

Who Are we?

The Red Owl Jewelry and Gifts was founded by Laurie Acosta in 2013.  Born with a desire to help others, she served in the Connecticut Air National Guard and embarked on a career as a registered nurse. In 2013, after a life-changing event resulted in a mild brain injury and spinal cord surgery, she decided to follow her dream and open The Red Owl Jewelry & Gifts in Cheshire.  From its beginnings as a small gift boutique the Red Owl has expanded its collections over the years and is now a popular small business destination shopping experience in Connecticut.  

Laurie and Nelson are the proud parents of two young daughters, Gia and Kloe, who are two of The Red Owl Jewelry and Gifts’ biggest and most enthusiastic fans.

    The name the  "The Red Owl" came to Laurie one evening while looking at an ornament on her Christmas tree. Her children have always loved owls and within her family the owl evokes a feeling of mystery, brilliance, and beauty. Red is a color that symbolizes joy and celebration and here at Red Owl we hope our gorgeous collections will add those elements to your special occasion!