Our Favorite Gifts for Everyone on Your List

With Christmas a little over a week away, it's time to make sure you have the best gifts for everyone on your nice list! With so many different brands and products available, we decided to ask the people who know our products the best for their favorites- Our Red Owl Team! Here are their top picks for gifts this holiday season.
"My favorite gift item is the Pop Diamond Bracelet!  It's very elegant but casual at the same time, and I like that the simple strand represents protection.  I love that it is a genuine diamond, because diamonds are forever and it is an affordable option to give as a gorgeous gift.  It comes in a bunch of colors and different metals, but my favorite combos are black and silver and grey and rose gold!"
"My favorite item would be the Luca and Danni Lucky Feather bracelet. It tends to be my every day go to for a casual look. I like feathers and how they symbolize new beginnings and every day there could be a part of the day you would wish for a new beginning, but the feather didn't fall without purpose. I love the dream that was carried out for a family member to create this line, I believe there is a bracelet for everyone style wise or meaning.  They are also made in the U.S.A. which I support 100%"
"My favorite item in the store is The Spartina Charm Collection because there is a charm for everyone to express their own unique style. The charms can be worn with a necklace or bracelet, and you can add initials too! My favorite charms are the pearl heart and bow charm."
"I love our Dogeared brand, but I genuinely couldn't pick one item as my favorite! I love them all because of their simple and elegant design and how they have a necklace for every person and occasion. I like how each necklace has a greater meaning"
What do YOU think of our team's top picks for their holiday gifts?! Make sure to stop by one of our store locations or browse our online store to check out their favorites, and find some of your own favorites too!

Happy Holidays!

The Red Owl

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