How To Build The Ultimate Bracelet Stack

If you type "Bracelet Stack" into any search engine, your screen will instantly be flooded with endless photos of colorful, creative, and downright gorgeous bracelet stacks. Stacking has been a trend for a few years now after it first became popular with the rise of Alex and Ani's bangles in 2010. Since then it has become a social media trend, and even has 39,950 posts under the hashtag on Instagram! While there are so many different colors and combinations of bracelets out there, we decided to bring you this post to help you structure your stack. Check out some of our tips and tricks below to craft your ultimate bracelet stack!
1) Begin with Bold
We all have a couple of big and bold bracelets we are obsessed with, and if you know you want them to be in your daily stack it's a good idea to start with those. That way, you can create the rest of your stack around that signature piece! Some of our top picks for bold bracelets include this Rose Bangle from Luca and Danni and The Jejewel Bracelet from Uno De 50. Pick out whichever bold or signature bracelet you want to start with, and let's start adding to your stack.

2) Mix it in
If you're a fan of mixing metals like we are, now is a good time to sprinkle in some bracelets with a different finish. A good rule of thumb is to mix silver with gold or silver with rose gold, but not gold and rose gold together. If you're still feeling daring after mixing metals, why not try mixing in some other materials too? Whether it's leather like this gorgeous Uno De 50 bracelet or fabric like these sparkly Paris Bracelets, you can get really creative with it!
3) Time for a Pop of Color
No bracelet stack is complete without a little pop of color. If the rest of your stack is mostly silver or gold, why not add a fun piece like this mermaid bracelet from Hazel and Harmony? A little color goes a long way!
4) Add some little touches to finish
To complete your stacked look, add some smaller bracelets to compliment the bolder  pieces. Some of our favorite options are the delicate POP Diamond bracelets, MantraBands, or this Peaceful Warrior skinny cuff from Zenned Out.
If you follow these super simple steps you're sure to have one of the best stacks around! Try it out and let us know how your on bracelet stack came out, tag us in your IG pics :) @redowljewelry

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