Soap for In-Law Diners

Soap for In-Law Diners

Whiskey River

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Good times.

You know that morning when you wake up and remember you have to go to the in-laws for dinner? Good times. And clearly there aren't enough hours left in the day to really get your pre-game on for a classic black-out move. If you were any kind of a planner, you would have developed a "tickling in the throat" by noon yesterday and could have pulled off a sick day. But let's face it, you suck. And you're going. So get ready for a night of thinly-veiled insults and a hefty scoop of unseasoned mystery meat with nary a salt shaker in sight.

 Unseasoned pot roast 
Net Weight: 6 oz.
Note: Because all of our soaps are handmade, no two bars are identical.