Organic Settle Peppermint & Cocoa Wellness Tea

Organic Settle Peppermint & Cocoa Wellness Tea

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A soothing mix of chocolatey cacao shells and refreshing peppermint, this blend is like a comforting dessert that supports healthy digestion. Filled with magnesium, iron, zinc, and fiber, cacao shells offer a smooth body that when paired with fennel and ginger will help settle your stomach and mind.


  • Ingredients: organic peppermint, organic cacao shells, organic fennel, organic ginger, organic cumin. Cacao Naturally Contains Trace Amounts Of Caffeine
  • USDA Organic
  • Kosher

Grace Farms is located in New Canaan, CT and creates ethically and sustainably sourced food that gives back 100% of profits to support Design For Freedom by Grace Farms. Design For Freedom by Grace Farms is a movement to build a future free of forced labor by raising awareness and creating a new system for eliminating forced labor from the raw materials supply chain associated with the construction of our public spaces, homes, and schools.