Mini Morse Code Bracelet - Brave

Mini Morse Code Bracelet - Brave

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BRAVE Do Hard Things. This bracelet spells BRAVE in Morse Code in our MINI Collection!

They are a perfect size for toddlers through elementary aged kids!  Wear it to put on courage. Bravery is doing hard things even when you're afraid. What have you been brave for? Share your story and photos with us!    

How to read your bracelet: A Morse Code dot is one bead and a dash is two beads in the alternating color. Start at the small gold spacer bead and follow the Morse Code spelling around the bracelet! Details * Length - 5.5" | Stretches to 6.25" * Handmade in Thailand * Made with semi-precious stones, glass beads, elastic, and love.  * Decode it: a dot is one bead, a dash is two beads!