Gold Morse Code Bracelet - Friendship

Gold Morse Code Bracelet - Friendship

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FRIENDSHIP. AKA: Bestie, BFF, Secret Keeper, Laugh-Till-You-Pee-And-Remember-When Buddy.

This best-selling Morse Code bracelet features Gold Hematite beads. Hematite helps calm you while getting rid of all the negative. And no one needs negative when they are dreaming! Let this bracelet remind you that the world you have in your pretty head is worth making a reality. 


  • Length - 7.75" | Stretches to 8.5"

  • Handmade in Thailand

  • Made with semi-precious stones, glass beads, hematite, elastic, and love.

  • Decode it: a dot is one bead, a dash is two beads!