Enewton Dignity Sincerity Gemstone Bracelet - Pink Opal

Enewton Dignity Sincerity Gemstone Bracelet - Pink Opal

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This gorgeous ENewton bracelet features luxurious gold-filled elements that exude timeless charm and versatility. Each piece is adorned with mesmerizing gemstones, adding a pop of color and radiance to your look!  

Mix and match effortlessly with other pieces from our E. Newton Collection to create a personalized style statement that reflects your unique taste and personality. Whether worn alone for understated elegance or stacked with other bracelets for a bolder look, this bracelet is sure to turn heads wherever you go.


  • Made with a mix of 2mm, 14kt gold-filled beads, 4mm dignity 14kt gold-filled beads, and 3mm gemstones
  • Measures at 6.25"
  • Hand beaded on high performance elastic for a slight stretch to easily roll on and off your wrist
  • Worry-free wear‚ which means sleep, shower and sweat in it
  • Stacks well with all bracelets
  • Handcrafted in the USA