Products with a Purpose

Some of the most commonly asked questions we get here at the Red Owl are
"What's the meaning behind this product?"
"Is this product sustainably made?"
"Is this product made in America?"
"Does this brand donate to charity?"
While all of these questions are different, they all revolve around the basic idea of a greater purpose. With everything that is going on in the world right now, many of us like to feel that our little purchase can do some good. Whether that's a charitable donation or a product that is kinder to the environment, it's a good feeling knowing that your cool bracelet or cute headband can also help someone else out there. With all of this in mind, we decided to feature some of our favorite brands and product that have a special purpose. Whatever your purpose in life, you're sure to find a product here that speaks to you.
Headbands of Hope

This is one of our favorite brands because of it's inspiring mission. Headbands of Hope was started by a college student, Jess Ekstrom, who noticed that a lot of children going through chemotherapy liked to wear bright and colorful headbands after suffering hair loss. With that in mind, Jess created HoH to give beautiful handmade headbands to children across the US who were bravely fighting cancer. For every headband sold, HoH will donate a headband to a child battling cancer. With such a powerful and heartfelt mission, what's not to love about this amazing company? Click here to see some of the gorgeous styles and patterns from Headbands of Hope.
The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys is another very special company thanks to their core mission. Every product sold supports job creation for individuals transitioning out of homelessness. Since their company began, The Giving Keys have created over 70 job opportunities in the Los Angeles area alone. In addition to this aspect of their company, The Giving Keys also emphasizes the importance of "paying it forward". Each key has a single word stamped to the front, and they encourage you to pass the key along to someone else you see who might be in need of that word. Whether it's strength, courage, love, or one of the many other powerful words, passing that word along to someone else who is struggling is such an important and meaningful gesture. Click here to see all of the different words and styles from the Giving Keys that we have available.
Chavez for Charity
Chavez for Charity has not one, not two, but eleven causes it supports through their bright and colorful bracelets. From improving children's health and education to supporting troops and veterans, it's practically guaranteed that you will be able to find a cause from Chavez that you'd like to support. Chavez for Charity bracelets are carried in both of our locations, so stop by to talk to some of our friendly sales staff about some of the great causes that Chavez supports.
If you're familiar with our blog or either of our two stores, you'll know that we are big supports of the Lokai bracelets. We carry the classic Lokai bracelets and numerous limited edition bracelets as well, and have even recently shared a post about the new black and white Lokai. Just like Chavez for Charity, Lokai supports a nuber of different organizations thanks to their limited edition bracelets. The newest release from Lokai, the orange bracelet for mental health, has been a big hit in our stores and it's really inspiring to our sales staff when customers share why they love this newest bracelet and it's cause. Lokai has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities and organizations, and it's a special feeling knowing your bracelet purchase has been a part of that.
Urban Agriculture Company
 The grow kits from Urban Agriculture Company have been flying of the shelves in both of our stores thanks to their unique product. Before UAC, plants were typically bought from a nursery and required a lot of upkeep and prime growing conditions. Thank to this company, anyone can grow these cool kits easily from their own home. Our employees who live in third and fourth floor apartments say you can even grow them on a window sill! The reason why UAC is on this list is because all of their grow kits are completely organic and come in a 100% recycled grow container, making them an environmentally friendly and sustainable purchase. They offer a variety of cooking herbs and vegetables to help urban-dwellers have a well rounded garden, and you'll end up using a lot less plastic as well due to the containers that grocery stores sell their produce in. Click here to see some of the great options available from Urban Agriculture.
Those are some of our top choices for products with a purpose, but we have plenty more at both of our store locations and online! Stop by the Red Owl and chat with our awesome team to see which "Product with a Purpose" is the best fit for you :)

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