Top 4 Gift Ideas for your Trendy Kids!

Kid's gifting is all about fueling their imagination & style!  We have some great new finds that have quickly become customer favorites in our boutiques! Check out or top 4 gift ideas for the trendy kids in your life! 
 1.  Narwhal's:
Narwhal's are trending right now & we are obsessed with these unicorns of the sea!!!  The best part about them is that they are REAL!  Yes that's right, Narwhals do exist.  You can find these porpoises in the Arctic waters! They are legendary and sure are becoming a trendy icon! 
Jellycat has created a super cute collection of Narwhal items that customers have been loving!  Everyone who looks at these cute and cuddly little creatures is smiling about them! This is the Narwhal plush in pink!  We also have blue & coral heading in to the store soon!   Isn't she adorable? 
Next we have these adorable Narwhal bag charms, pouches & notebooks!  Great for back to school! 
2.  Sloths:
Some may argue that these creatures are ugly but when Jellycat introduces a plush version, you must fall in love.  Meet Cyril, a cuddly sloth that is sure to warm your heart.  You can read all about what it's like to be a slow sloth in a fast city in the book Cyril's Big Adventure.   This is the perfect gift for the adventurous boy or girl in your life!
3.  Unicorns:
Unicorns have always been a favorite but since last year they have been trending up and no stop is in sight yet!  It is so trendy that you can find a unicorn variety of just about anything but at The Red Owl we like to stick with a few of our favorites! 
Check out this Jelly Cat Bashful Unicorn & Unicorn Dreams Puzzle:
Hazel & Harmony Unicorn Charm Bracelet in Opalite!  Made in CT! 
4.  Boho Style
Boho chic is also having it's day in kids styles!  We love the brand Natural Life because they make great gifts for all ages.  This is an awesome collection for tweens & teens!  Here are some of our favorites! 
Everyone loves this versatile headband because you can wear it so many ways!  They are the perfect accessory to take to camp, the beach, school & more!  You can even wear it as a bandeau under your favorite tank or dress! 
 You can find all these great items online & in both of our stores!  

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