Introducing the New Black & White Lokai!

Hi everyone!
With so much excitement surrounding the release of the new Lokai bracelet, we decided to bring you this post to tell you a little more about the latest addition to the Lokai collection!
This Black and White Lokai is different than previous bracelets for two major reasons:
1) It's not one but a set of TWO bracelets
2) YOU choose you cause & decide where your donation goes.
Pretty cool right?! 
While previous Lokai bracelets have been sold individually, the newest bracelet is sold as a set of two; one black bracelet with a white bead, and a white bracelet with a black bead. Just like the other bracelets, both bracelets contain mud from the Dead Sea and water from Mount Everest.
While the double bracelet aspect is really cool, we are most excited about the donation aspect of this bracelet. While donations from previous bracelets have gone to some incredible organizations like Make A Wish, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, RED, Save the Children and many more, this is the first bracelet where YOU get to choose where your donation goes. Here's how it works:
Each set of bracelets comes with a Lokai tag and when you open this tag you'll notice a gray rectangle. Using a coin, simply scratch that box until your unique code appears. All you have to do is log on to, enter your code, and then you get to pick where to send your donation! The amazing options are:
Animal Protection
Pediatric Cancer
Heart Disease
Just select whichever cause is most important to you and Lokai will donate $2 to your cause!
We love this new concept from Lokai, and we want to hear what you think!
Stop by either our Cheshire or Townline location today to pick up your very own Black and White Lokai and let us know which cause you chose :)

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