How to Tie your Blanket Scarf

As we head into the chilly winter months, it's time to start preparing our closet for all things Winter! From boots and jackets to cable-knit socks and comfy sweaters, there is a lot to love about winter fashion. Year after year, one classic staple of the winter closet is the blanket scarf, a fashionable and practical solution to the colder weather. We carry many different colors and patterns of the popular blanket scarves, but one question we hear all the time is "How do I tie this?!"

The truth is, there are actually so many different ways to tie a blanket scarf! We decided to pick some of our favorite styles and give you a little tutorial to help you with styling your new blanket scarf!

Tesni's Pick: The Classic

“I love this style because it’s super easy and still looks really chic! I usually pair this scarf with a maroon shirt, jeans, and my favorite pair of Winter boots!”


Step 1) Holding the two ends, fold the scarf into a big triangle


Step 2) Gather some of the fabric in your hands and hold the blanket in front of you. Using one hand, pull the corner of the scarf  back behind your neck and let it hang down in front


Step 3) Repeat this step with the other side so that both ends are in front

 Step 4) Tie the two ends of the blanket scarf together


And there you have it- super quick, easy, and stylish!


Kendall’s Pick: Infinity 

“ I like to feel comfortable so I wanted to ensure my scarf would stay in place and not come undone when I’m moving around. The infinity look is still super fashionable but also stays in place all day, which is perfect for me!”

Step 1) Just like the classic look, start by folding the scarf into one big triangle


Step 2) Wrap the scarf around your neck, holding the two ends out in front


Step 3) Bring the two ends of the scarf to the back of your head in a looping fashion


Step 4) Loosely tie the two ends together at the base of your neck


Once the scarf is tied you're all set! Go out and enjoy this fun and comfortable look that works wonderfully with any number of outfits, just like Kendall's pink dress!


Ashleigh's Pick: Front tie

“My sense of style is very classic so I like to pair my blanket scarf with a cute vest or jacket. This style works really well for me because it allows the scarf to compliment my outerwear without overpowering it."

Step 1) Holding two ends, fold the scarf into a big triangle and roll it up to a long tube


Step 2) Holding the scarf in front, bring both ends to the back and cross over each other. Hold each end out to the side


Step 3) Gently loosen the front of the scarf and allow the two ends to fall comfortably in front


Step 4) Using the left end, loosely tie it to the right piece and tuck the knot under the top part of the scarf to hold it in place


Just like that, this chic knotted look is complete!



These are our three favorite styles at the moment, give them a shot and see what you think! For all of the blanket scarves pictured in this post, head on over to our Accessories tab to shop the look :)

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