Amazing things happened when we cleaned our makeup brushes with Beekman Soap!

Hi everyone!  Happy New Year!  We are excited to bring back our blog this year so we can keep you updated on our latest & greatest things we have going on!   If you saw my make up brush cleaning hack on Instagram, you'll definitely want to read this so you can get the full details!  

So last year I started having some autoimmune issues and really started thinking about this whole wellness thing and what I am eating and putting into & on my body.  I came across some great info about the benefits of incorporating goats milk into your skin care routine so thought I would give it a try!  I started using Beekman 1802 products and have loved them so much that we decided to start offering them in our Cheshire location!  We also offer another amazing goats milk collection in our Town Line store from a local company called Guardians Farm! 

My favorite collection from Beekman 1802 is their Pure Goat's Milk products because they are great for sensitive skin & all ages.  I have been using the pure soap & whipped body cream for a while now and my skin has felt so hydrated even in these recent winter months.   

So it had been a few month (yikes I know) since I had last cleaned my makeup brushes and I ran out of my usual brush cleaner... I really wanted to clean them so I thought I would try something I read about using a bar soap to clean them.  The only one I had on hand was my Beekman Pure Goats Milk soap so off I went to give it a go and all I can say is AMAZING RESULTS.  Within seconds my brushes were like brand new & super soft!  Check it all out below! 

*This is the before of my bronzer brush!  As you can see, it's been well used.  I now use a strong SPF for sun protection so this is how I get my tan on. 

Gather your supplies!  All you'll need is a bar of Beekman 1802 Pure Goat's Milk Soap, a clean towel & your sink!  Here we go:

Step 1:  Run some warm water and place the tip of your brush facing down under the water.  Get as much of your brush under there as you can without getting the barrel wet.  

Step 2:  Moisten the bar of soap


Step 3:  Take your brush & make gentle swirls on the bar of soap to get the cleaning action going.  You will see the makeup start releasing from the brush immediately. 

Step 4:  Rinse the brush & soap and continue to swirl gentle circles around the bar until clean

Step 5:  Give the brush one final good rinse & VOILA it will look brand new! Place the brush on a clean dry towel to dry overnight.  

I honestly can't believe how great this worked!  Can you believe that is the same brush in my before picture!  It is recommended to clean your brushes twice a month to keep them looking their best.  

To purchase this great product check it out here or stop in our Cheshire location and grab yours!  



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